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Littlewoods-Blog-Awards-2016-Website-MPU_FinalistIrish Blog Awards 2016:

Shortlisted in both the Health and Well-being and Vlogging categories

Finalist in the Vlogging category

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Nominated in Wellness, Mental Health and Fitness category

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Shortlisted in the Health and Well-being category

blog awardsIrish Blog Awards 2014:

Winner, Health and Well-being category

The-Blog-Awards-Ireland-Finalist-2013Irish Blog Awards 2013:

Finalist, Health and Well-being category



Derek Chambers, Director of Programmes, Reach Out Ireland

“Our shared understanding of mental health in Ireland is muddled and our public discourse really needs strong, authentic voices motivated by a passion to make things better. Fiona’s blog provides one such voice and her writing is made all the more compelling by the underlying human vulnerability that she shares with us. Whether disclosing acute personal distress or articulating excellent social commentary on the way we do mental health in Ireland, Fiona’s independent voice is something we all need to listen to.”

Nessa Childers, MEP

“I have been following Sunny Scattered’s blog for a while now. As a person and a former psychotherapist I think it is probably one of the best diaries written by someone with borderline personality disorder. And it gives hope to others. Sunny has a great deal of personal courage in doing this and in her struggle. I have often been in awe of her. She, needless to say, will not share that view. Yet!”

Michael Fox, Clinical Psychologist

“Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers is a mental health blog that provides a marvellous and unique insight into the struggles experienced by people with mental health problems. Fiona’s openness about her own difficulties, and the strength and courage she demonstrates daily, provides comfort to so many who once believed they suffered alone. Fiona’s video blogs have a compelling quality and she endears herself to the viewer, in large part because she is clearly a lovely person and appears not to know it. 

I have no doubt that Fiona will one day reach an understanding of how her difficulties developed, and she will write a post for her readers on how those difficulties were finally healed.”


GROW Ireland

“We first came upon the personal and articulate Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers blog at the inaugural 2013 Technology For Wellbeing Conference.  Fiona’s insightful and brave articles are easy to consume and are of great value in challenging stigma, aiding understanding and normalising talk around mental health. Fiona has also kindly written guest articles for the GROW website and newsletter and she also presented an excellent workshop to GROW members at our 2014 National Weekend.   We all know that there are many ups, downs and restarts on the journey to mental health recovery and Fiona’s Traffic Lights article is a must read for anyone who is on this journey to help them spot the warning signs and take proactive action.”

Hazel Whelan, Campaign Coordinator, See Change

“Fiona Kennedy has been a See Change ambassador for a number of years. She shares stories about her experiences of mental health problems on her blog regularly in order to help dispel some of the myths surrounding mental illness.
She has also written some amazing blogs for Irish media, including the series ‘Living with Mental Illness’ for Newstalk. These blogs give a great insight into what it can be like to live with mental health difficulties and it’s wonderful to see them being shared on a national platform.”

“In Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers, author Fiona details her experience with clinical depression and borderline personality disorder. Of particular interest is her discussion of the relationship with her therapist, and the honesty with which she details the inner conflict that sometimes clashes with her commitment to treatment. She incorporates commentary and links on the latest research in a down-to-earth, tangible way. It’s an insightful and inspiring read.”

“A remarkable site where Fiona writes openly about her borderline personality disorder and depression. Sharing her life, it’s simply fascinating. Seeking solutions to the daily struggles. People can certainly learn from Fiona’s blog, especially those with BPD and depression. This blog’s received numerous awards, you can watch her vlogs too. Fiona’s an advocate of the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) an exceptional programme.”

“Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers is written by a married mom of two in Ireland trying to make sense of life with clinical depression and borderline personality disorder. The author shares her journey with medication and therapy as well as the day she finally trusted her therapist.

Depression may feel like a solitary diagnosis, but the effects of this disease reach families and spouses. Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers encouraged her husband to write about what it’s like to live with someone with mental illness. His honesty about his fears, difficulties and even anger is raw but filled with love.”

“Fiona Kennedy’s Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers is about trying to make sense of life with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and occasional depression as well. She writes about her journey with complicated mental health disorders, sharing what has worked for her to facilitate healing.”