I don’t know if this is really a post. It’s more of a snapshot because I need to get it out there and off my chest. I’m officially freaking out because Therapist is away. Bugger it anyway. Was so hopeful that wouldn’t happen this time. She’s left me the name of someone I should contact in her absence if I need to, but I can’t decide if I need to because I can’t decide if my current frame of mind is down to freaking out about  her or because I could use the extra session. Arghhhhhhh! This is why not being able to trust my own thoughts at times can be so annoying. I’ve no idea what I need right now. I also have a couple of very random side effects going on since I increased meds, and  it’s entirely possible that that’s what has me freaking out, and I’m just pinning it on Therapist because she’s an easy target and it’s an old, familiar (if not entirely helpful) pattern. Feck it anyway. I need to talk to someone who knows about these things. I’ll start with my GP. Ok, I’m done, thanks for reading.

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  1. Thanks for posting 🙂 If you still feel uneasy tomorrow, maybe you could try the support person? Couldn't hurt to get in touch and might help eliminate a potential cause off your list of 'things that might be making me feel this way'. Thinking of you x

  2. Keep it a minute at a time Fiona I know what its like when your therepist goes away and the panic sets in.
    Thinkning of youxx

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