The kindness and generosity of people never ceases to amaze me. One of my friends (who shall remain nameless because she’ll be mortified otherwise) has taken it on herself to try and do something to tackle the homelessness crisis. How? By actually doing something. How many of us see a post on facebook, read an article, pass someone in the street and think, ‘oh, that’s just horrible, something has to be done’………yet do nothing? I’m certainly guilty of it. The number of people sleeping on the streets of Galway alone has increased visibly, yet every time, I just put my head down and walk by. I’m busy, I’m on my way somewhere else, I have no money……we can always find an excuse.

But this wonderful friend of mine has decided to take responsibility for the ‘something’, by creating a new campaign called No Room. Her words explain it far better than mine can:

The “No Room” Facebook page is a call for action on the national shame of homelessness in Ireland.
In 2016, our centenary year, it is sad that people are still fighting for their lives on our streets.
It’s shameful that in 2016 there are thousands of people sleeping rough on our streets.
It is shameful that tomorrow morning more than 2,470 children in Ireland will wake up homeless.
The latest figures (October 2016) show that currently 6,847 people are currently homeless in Ireland. What does that say about Ireland as a society? Homelessness can happen to anyone. People become homeless through chance not choice.

We can’t ignore it anymore. Local and national government have failed in recent years in efforts to tackle and prevent the issue.
Something has to be done and it is up to us, you and me and everyone like us, to actually DO something about it.

This campaign is about two things
1) Raising awareness of the crisis
2) Raising funds for the agencies in Ireland dealing with the crisis (Simon, Focus Ireland and Cope)

All you have to do to take part is pledge to read and share the daily posts – thus raising awareness – and pledge to donate what you can afford. No more than that, it really is very easy to show you care.
Please pledge to take part today!

And that’s it! So simple, so little effort on our part, and anything you can spare will make a difference. Please, take the time to look at the page, have a read of some of the stories. Then if you can, donate and share. If donation isn’t possible, even sharing and helping to spread the word will help. This is an online campaign, it’s only going to run up until Christmas, so the more you can do to get it out there the better.

To my gorgeous friend……..I’ve never, ever met anyone with a more generous heart. I’m honoured to have you in my life xx

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