It’s been such a bizarre, terrifying, exciting, heartbreaking, life affirming year. Rollercoaster doesn’t even come close. It started with me on meds, on sick leave, uncertain about my future, and largely floundering. It’s ending with me on career break, off meds, off welfare, about to train as a recovery educator with the HSE and starting a teeny tiny business with himself. We’re like the blind leading the blind, the learning curve has been PHENOMENAL, but we’re having a lot of fun. I could never, ever, have predicted that this is how the year would go, it’s amazing.

You lovely people have been with me every step of the way, and your support and encouragement, as always, played a huge part in carrying me through. I’d like to offer you a little something in return.

The little business I mentioned is a natural, handmade (by us) skin care range, we call it Tús Nua. For those of you who don’t speak Irish, it means New Beginnings, which seemed apt in so many ways – I feel like I’ve been given a second shot at life, and for Ro and I, this is a fresh start as well, one that leaves the trauma of the last 10 years far behind. We’ve discovered a completely new way of life – one of simplicity, little things, and allowing ourselves to try something completely new because we want to. We’ve no clue how it might go, there’s zero security, but it’s all ours. Even if it falls flat on its face, we’ve learned a huge amount.

So, if you’re interested, I’d like to offer you a 15% discount between now and Christmas, use code SSASS at the checkout. And if you’re not, that’s totally ok, I just wanted to throw it out there as there’s feck all else I can give you to say thank you!


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