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A Lust for Life, 11/01/2018
Overcoming years of medication and misdiagnosis

2017, Managing your Mental Health Series
15/7/2017, The power of no
1/7/2017, Mammy guilt
24/6/2017, Labels: help or hindrence?
17/6/2017, Sleep and energy management
10/6/2017, Tools for helping yourself (WRAP part 1)
3/6/2014, Finding your voice
27/05/2017, Don’t take everything personally
20/05/2017, Online personas
13/5/2017, How do you identify yourself?
6/5/2017, Managing change
3/3/2017, Transformation, not recovery
17/2/2017, Meetings with myself
13/2/2017, The importance of sleep
27/1/2017, Not a disorder

Irish Independent, 12/2/2017
Medication is not the answer for me in addressing mental health problems. Read more

2016 Managing your Mental Health Series
23/12/2016, Christmas
22/12/2016, Positive traits?
20/12/2016, Boundaries in therapy
15/12/2016, Skype therapy
2/12/2016, Slowing down
24/11/2016, Equine-assisted therapy
13/11/2016, Reducing medication
16/10/2016, How mental health issues have impacted on how I am as a parent
10/10/2016, Advice for my 15-year-old self
29/9/2016, Medication
23/9/2016, Fall down seven time, get up eight
15/9/2016, Understanding self-harm
10/9/2016, Mental health care in Ireland
1/9/2016, Understanding the difference between self-compassion and treating myself
28/8/2015, Personal responsibility
19/8/2016, Finding the right treatment
16/8/2016, Who cares for the carers?
8/8/2016, Coming home from a stay in a psychiatric unit
29/7/2016 Being an inpatient on a public psychiatric unit
15/7/2016 Being admitted to a psychiatric unit
30/6/2016 Meeting a psychiatrist for the first time
16/6/2016 Meeting a therapist for the first time
2/6/2016 Journey to diagnosis

Dublin City Fm, Mental Health Laid Bare, 9/08/2016

The Colette Fitzpatrick Show, Newstalk, 15/5/2016
Conversation about my Irish Times article about media portrayal of mental health issues, and how I would like it to be instead.

Irish Times, 5/5/2016
A more measured take on my frustrations at media portrayal of mental health issues in Ireland. Read more, 29/4/2016
Different shades of blue – my frustration at the very narrow focus of media portrayal of mental health issues in Ireland

The Keith Finnegan Show, Galway Bay FM, 23/2/2016
Interview in response to Broadsheet article on crowdfunding to pay for private therapy. I’m about 40 minutes in, listen back here

Newstalk Blog, 23/2/2016
On the loss of the DBT programme in Galway, and the decision to crowdfund to pay for therapy privately., 22/2/2016
Crowdfunding to pay for treatment that was promised by the HSE – in less than 24 hours, complete strangers helped me more than our public Mental Health Services have ever done. Read more, 17/2/2016
On finding out the DBT isn’t going ahead, and the impact that has had on my family.

Irish Independent, 9/2/2016
My life with borderline personality disorder, 25/1/2016
Difficulties accessing public mental health services


The Irish Times, 10/10/2015
Article for World Mental Health Day this year, the theme of which was ‘dignity’. Read more

The Irish Times, 10/3/2015
Together with several students, I was involved in the launch of a mental health awareness campaign in NUI Galway, Please Talk. Read more

The Irish Times, 6/1/2015
I’m wary of some of the very polished mental health stories that are being picked up on by media, ie, I got sick, I did XYZ, I got better, end of. It hasn’t been like that for me. I think rather than talking about recovery, we need to talk about acceptance and understanding. Read more, 4/1/2015
‘If I could talk to my terrified, first time mother self, there are a few things I’d tell her‘. Piece on today on the perception v reality of becoming a mother

2014, 14/12/2014
I came across this poster in a GP waiting room and was disappointed with it for so many reasons. I wrote about it for

Saint John of God Hospital
Here’s my two cents worth for the SJOG blog

RTÉ Morning Edition, 10/10/2014
With Mental Health Ireland on World Mental Health Day, discussing (briefly!!) my own experience and their Plan to Protect campaign, as well as some details on spending on mental health.

The Sun, for Mental Health Ireland, 8/10/2014
To tie in with World Mental Health week, and highlighting their new #plantoprotect campaign, I had a piece in the Sun briefly outlining my own experience with mental illness, and where to look for help. MH Ireland also shared the piece on their blog.

GROW Ireland National Weekend & AGM, 26 – 28/9/2014
The theme of the weekend was stigma, real and imagined. I gave a brief presentation on my own background and experience of stigma, I also touched on how the language we use to talk about mental health and illness can perpetuate the stigma around it. Technology for Well-Being International Conference, 25/9/2014
The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Bridging the Digital Disconnect’. I spoke about how I’ve been able to help myself using technology that’s freely available to everyone, and challenged the idea that we’re too addicted to our devices. I believe that there are times when looking down can be more helpful than looking up.


Barnardos Childlinks, September 2014

I wrote a piece about the impact my mental health (and occasional lack thereof) has had on my parenting. The journal is available to buy here.. 
Ahead of the Technology for Well-Being conference this year, I did a brief review of last year’s event., 12/8/2014
Piece in response to the media frenzy around Robin Williams’ death – Spark of Madness 13/7/2014
Piece about the 4th July firewalk I did for See Change.

GROW Ireland, 5/7/2014
A piece on step 7 of GROW’s 12 steps to recovery: we took care and control of our bodies. Read more here.

Fire walk, 4/7/2014
See Change kindly gave me the opportunity to take part in a ‘Free your mind’ fire walk to both challenge my understanding and awareness of my own limitations, and in the hope of sparking a conversation about mental health. Read more here.

Irish Independent 17/6/2014

Photo: Andrew Downes

New research suggests that post natal depression can affect mothers much later than previously expected. I was one of two interviewed for this piece., 17/6/2014
‘On medication I function, off medication I don’t. It’s that simple.’ – a piece about reconciling myself with the fact that I need medication in order to be well, and that despite consistent side effects and a lot of trial and error, I’m glad I’ve persisted and found something that works.

Flirt fm, 27/05/2014
Interview about how to start building up a support network and who to speak to when things get difficult.

Irish Independent 27/05/2014
As part of See Change‘s green ribbon campaign, this time about the impact that talking and being honest about my illness has had on my recovery and ability to manage it. 19/05/2014
Again for the green ribbon campaign I had a piece on talking about coming to terms with needing medication as part of the management of my illness.

Black Dog Tribe 19/05/2014
Getting a diagnosis of borderline/emotionally unstable personality disorder 6/05/2014
In response to a viral video lamenting the opportunities we’re unwittingly letting pass us by through our addiction to smartphones, tablets and social media, I counter that it can actually help us to realise that we’re not alone when at our lowest, and if we know where to look, can help us reach out and ask for help.

Kfm, 1/05/2014
As part of the Green Ribbon campaign, I was interviewed on Kfm about my experience with mental health services, and how the campaign is encouraging people to talk. 29/4/2014
An open letter to the HSE, 17/3/2014
I regularly have to refer back to my traffic lights post to help me figure out how I am and whether things are starting to slip. very kindly let me share it with a wider audience.

Global Village, Newstalk 106-108fm, 15/03/2014

Ireland:AM, TV3, 20/02/2014
I was thrilled to be asked on the show to talk about my piece for the Independent. Sinéad and Mark were absolutely wonderful, genuinely interested and really put me at ease. Click here if you’d like to watch the interview.


 Irish Independent, 17/2/2014
‘My first thought after my son was born was ‘I’m supposed to kiss him now. But he’s covered in goo’. I was terrified. He was my first and I hadn’t a clue what to expect……..’ Read more here. 10/02/2014
A little more on the theme of how depression can impact on partners, and how important it is to keep talking to each other, no matter how hard the conversation

The Last Word with Matt Cooper 27/01/2014
Hubby spoke about how it was for him when I had postnatal depression on The Last Word with Matt Cooper on Todayfm, on behalf of Nurture. Nurture are an organisation who provide support to women, their partners and their families around PND. They are doing incredibly valuable work, and provide individual counselling and support groups around the country. If what you read here, or hear in Hubby’s podcast, resonates in any way, please, please – get help. 25/01/2014
One year on from everything going belly up………article in

In January 2014, Aware released an e-book to both raise funds for the work they do, and increase awareness about depression, bipolar and recovery. I’m delighted to be a part of this project, and it can be downloaded here. On the off-chance you’re wondering which one is me, they called my piece ‘The Shadow’.


Jog the Bog 24/12/2013
On Stephen’s Day in my hometown of Oughterard, Galway. we have a fun run/walk with the aim of raising funds towards the local GAA and the creation of a community park. This year, we added an extra element, using it as an opportunity to raise awareness of the stigma around mental illness, asking people to literally stamp out stigma. It went really well, and I’m hopeful that it’s triggered a conversation about mental health locally.

The result of the stigma stamping, which is now on display in Oughterard

Black Dog Tribe
Founded in 2011 as a social networking platform for people affected by depression and other mental health conditions, the Black Dog Tribe (BDT) website is intended to be a place in which like-minded people can find their own ‘tribe’ and share experiences in a supportive online community through forums, blogs, daily news and mental health information. I’m chuffed that they’ve run some of my blog pieces on their ‘people like you’ section.

Technology for Wellbeing 25 and 26/09/2013
In September, I spoke about the positive impact blogging has had in my recovery from and management of depression at the inaugural Technology for Wellbeing Conference. The aim of the event, hosted by Reachout and Inspire Ireland, was to open the national conversation to the positive role technology plays in supporting our well-being. Conference themes were explored in a spirit of openness with a focus on practical solutions, cross-sector learning and future directions in this space.


Time to Change 6/08/2013
Time to Change, the UK equivalent of See Change, are currently running a campaign called Time to Talk, again aimed at  simply starting a conversation about mental health and encouraging people to support friends and family who may be struggling. As part of the campaign, they invited people to write about their experience of being supported.

I first ‘came out’ on Facebook

 See Change 28/05/2013

In May 2013, See Change, the National Mental Health Stigma Reduction Partnership, ran a month long campaign, the Green Ribbon campaign. The aim of this was to get people talking opening about mental health. As part of this campaign, I had a piece in talking about what it was like to admit to having depression, and how people reacted when I told them.

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