I sat down earlier to write about how I got on with the psychiatrist, but didn’t quite get the post finished. In the interim I happened across a photo that has appeared across the world today, and any issues I have with my mental health, the HSE, my lack of Therapist, have paled into utter insignificance.

No doubt many of you were as distressed and horrified as I was by that photo. There are no words, and I cannot reproduce it here.

But we can do something to help. The Ireland Calais Refugee Solidarity Campaign are collecting supplies to bring to migrants stranded in Calais and living in tents. They are also raising money to help transport collected supplies to Calais and to purchase camping equipment and food.

So what can you do? Couldn’t be easier. Simply go to http://www.irelandcalaisfund.ml/ and make a donation to the fund, then please share this and spread the word. Every single donation counts. We can’t change this impossibly cruel situation, but we can help.

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