I want to try something. When I was with Therapist yesterday she set me a challenge – I’m to leave my guilt in her office until I see her again in two weeks time. You see, right now, I feel guilty about EVERYTHING, and I quite simply cannot do right for doing wrong. No matter what I do, I’m thinking about what I should  be doing instead. Even as I write this, guilt is hanging over me. I feel guilty for feeling guilty, it would be laughable if it wasn’t such a monumental pain in my ass.

So, here’s what I want to try. I’m going to do my best to leave guilt alone for the next 2 weeks and do what she suggested – every time I feel guilty about something, remind myself that it belongs in her office. But I’m thinking that this guilt isn’t unique to me, so I thought we could try a communal giving up of guilt. Here’s what I’m hoping – mail me, comment below, message on facebook, twitter, whatever way you see fit – but let me know what it is you feel guilty about, be it one big thing or a multitude of little things. I’m going to pull everything together, and then I’m going to fire it out into the interweb in the hope that we can get some relief from it. What do you think? Want to try?

I’ve no idea who David Roppo is/was but clearly an insightful individual

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  1. I feel guilty that I can't help my mentally ill mother who is at rock bottom and that I don't spend enough time with her as I can't cope with her 🙁 🙁

  2. Slightly worried that your therapists office is not going to be big enough to house all the guilt of your readers!

    Yes, oh yes, I have guilt. Big time. Cos I'm not doing it right you see. Not keeping the house tidy and clean enough, not reading my emails, not answering the phone, not opening my post, not "dealing with" all those old to do piles scattered around my house, not being calm enough with the kids, not being good enough at getting out of bed, not managing to always use up all the veg/fruit/leftovers before they go off, not supporting hubby enough, not having a hot dinner on the table in a spotless house with all the jobs done when he gets home, not eating right, not excersising enough, letting people down, not having done the gardening, not having an allotment, not having made jam, or elderflower cordial, not babysitting for friends enough, shopping in supermarkets, not always taking a bag with me, having things made of plastic and generally too much packaging in the house, my pile of unfinished sewing projects, not having sent Christmas cards for 3 years, not having helped the boy write thank you cards for his birthday, not baking my own bread, not making cakes for the kids lunches…. I think you might get the idea.

    My life is generally one big overwhelming paralysing pile of guilt, which amounts to me failing to meet my "being an adult" job description. I had wondered the other week when the "not only did we fail to keep our allotment (having been kicked off several years ago for neglecting it) but I also haven't bought fresh local fruit when seasonal and cheap and made jam with it" guilt thing kick in, about trying to write down everthing that Bitchface thinks I should be doing, a sort of "day in the life of the perfect me" kind of thing, just to highlight how utterly ridiculous and impossible it would be to "do enough" to get rid of the guilt. There must be a better way to lose it.

  3. running out on my kids as it was killing me could not get out of bed to look after them or even have the energy to get up and clean myself, trying to get a doctor to look after me but not being listened too which end with me walking out on family as could not bare what was putting them through it been 4 years a marriage break up, a section and loss of a pet, moving 3 times but the guilt still follows me but today am ok as can get out of bed and have the kids around some days and over night

  4. I have searched what little is left of my brain to think of something I DON'T feel guilty about. I feel guilty about being depressed when others are going through terrible times and THEY cope. I feel guilty about getting anxious about the smallest thing when others seem to manage so well with much bigger and more serious traumas. I feel guilty about not doing better in my career, I feel guilty that my house isn't perfect, I feel guilty that I don't always look as "put together" as I should. I feel guilty if I don't ring friends, even if they haven't rang me for weeks and weeks. I feel guilty about not being able to cope normally, having at times to take medication, therapy….when really I should JUST be able to pull myself together. I feel guilty about being a weak and pathetic individual – even though I should know at heart that I am a caring and kind person, I will never convince myself of that fact – ever. The depression and anxiety make me pointless.

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