Guest post – I sprained my mental health

Daithí, Reeling in the fears I recently sprained my mental health, twisted it badly. I’m on crutches for a couple of weeks, possibly longer. “What happened?” they said.  Happened out of nowhere. I was driving home one day, pulled into the driveway and then BANG! It just went from under me. I managed to get inside and to sit down and have a look. It was swollen and ugly. Bruised and delicate….

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Impossibly high standards

I am not feeling good. I’m slowed down, unmotivated, and fed up. The weight of what I need to do every day is crushing me, and when a few other stressors are thrown in on top of that? I don’t want to move. I want to hide behind this screen, play with photos and just be left alone. I don’t want to do what I need to do and right…

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Dogs bay sentries

Mammy guilt

It’s excruciating. I feel guilty about absolutely everything to do with my kids, and we’re not even a week into the summer holidays. I’m not spending enough time with them, they feel rejected. I’m spending too much time with them, they need to learn independence. I should be saying yes more, it is the holidays after all. I can’t say yes all the time, that won’t do anyone any favours. I need…

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Internal systems

Apparently we have 3 internal emotion regulation systems – our threat system which is the most primitive and so reacts to seemingly inconsequential events as if our death is imminent; our drive system which evolved next and is the one that makes us strive to do and achieve; and finally our soothing and contentment system which is the baby in evolutionary terms, but also the one which ideally will regulate…

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HSE complaint and response

Back in April I sent the below complaint regarding the debacle that was the HSE DBT programme to Your Service, Your Say. I got a reply earlier this month (after the deadline had passed and only after I asked for an update). I’m not going to transcribe it in full, but I’ll give you the key points. Considering I would never have accessed treatment were it not for your kindness…

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I feel flat and horrible and so unbelievably weighed down this morning. My homework from Therapist 2.0 this week was to practice patience with myself, and think about what that might look like. Problem is of course that when I feel like this my ability to be compassionate with myself goes straight out the window, and evidently patience goes with it too. I’ve looked at my WRAP and decided I’ve…

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Summer WRAP

I’m feeling like I’m floundering out of my depth right now and it’s bugging the hell out of me. I’m really struggling with the concepts of personal responsibility and patience – that ultimately it’s up to me to do what needs doing to keep myself well, and to be patient with myself in the process. I get it, but bloody hell do I resent it sometimes, and today is one…

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Making friends with the crazy

This post has come about off the back of a conversation I had with a close friend who had been struggling to know how to react to me at times, or understand why I was behaving in certain ways. I’m so proud of her for having the strength to bring this up with me because it was never going to be an easy conversation, but it was one that had to…

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Triggers and WRAP

I looked at my WRAP this morning and noticed something missing – one of my biggest triggers. I have a lengthy list, we already know that, so what’s one more? It’s a doozie, and one that is guaranteed to send me into a tailspin – believing I’ve pissed someone off. I cannot stand to think that someone is angry with me, it makes me sick to my stomach. I will…

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